Sunday 24th January

Good morning HCC youth! This week is slightly different, as I wanted to give you 5 minutes of soaking in Gods presence instead of reading a blog. 

Even though you’ve all been hidden away at home with so much free time on your hands trying to teach yourself that algebra over a zoom call, school and lockdown life can be overwhelming. And I bet you haven’t spent much time with just you and God. When this happens you start feeling a bit rubbish. To put it in perspective for you it’s like your best friend messaging you every day saying “hi how are you doing” “do you want to meet up?” “what are you up to” and you completely ghosting them and not replying back, yet they can see you’re still reading their messages. Ughhh RUDEE haha. God is texting you every day and he won’t stop #sorrynotsorry don’t let God’s messages go into your spam folder if you know what I mean and let’s reply back to him today. As how rubbish must it be for him to not get that reply back? 

Have a think before you go into some time with God, what are you thankful for? What are you struggling with? I know that there are quite a lot of you that are half way through the school year and have not made a strong friendship group at school yet (you’re not the only one it took me a whole year and that was without a pandemic!) Or you may be struggling and feeling really low this week and not sure why or you may have had an argument with your siblings or parents and you’ve said something you’ve regretted. Let God in today. Let him know how you’re really feeling, find a quiet place close your eyes, listen to the music (I have attached a YouTube link below but you can use any music) and reply back to Gods message today. 

I pray that he will fill you up with his love, patience, encouragement and happiness today. I want you all to know right now that you are completely and utterly loved and protected by God and if that’s not something to celebrate and give thanks to right now then I don’t know what is! In your 5 minutes he may give you an image in your mind, he may give you a song to sing, he may give you a verse in the Bible, or you may think he’s not saying anything to you but instead he just loves listening to what you have to say and you’ll feel his presence and peace inside you instead. So give five minutes of your day to him and let me know how it goes over at I love hearing from you all. God bless stay safe, ROOTED x

18/10/2020 -Dealing with your emotions

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