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About Us


The logo we use at HCC represents a lifestyle we intentionally live out. We are purposeful about following Jesus, who we believe was the most loving, joyful and kind person that has ever walked the earth.


The three circles in the logo stand for three core intentions we plan into our lives together, they help keep us focused on living a Jesus centred life.

Red = Communion

By this we mean intentional focus on the relationship we have with God through Jesus Christ. Through the leading of the Holy Spirit and study of the bible we can develop our personal relationships with God.

Yellow = Community

We believe that living in community is God's intention for us as people. We are commited to developing inclusive community where we live. We believe that "The Kingdom" Jesus talked so much about is the key to healthy communities.

Green = Co-Mission

Jesus' mission was to reconnect people with God and to show people what God is really like. As people following Jesus we are intentional about helping people find their way back to God. If we do a good job we will bring love, kindness, joy, hope and peace. Jesus' mission has become our mission.


If you would be interested in meeting up with us or just want to get in contact, we would love to hear from you. 

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