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Here at Harpurhey Community Church we strive to achieve the best when it comes to safeguarding. We have a safeguarding team dedicated to make sure our day-to-day church life activities run safely and smoothly for everyone involved. If you ever feel you have any safeguarding issues involving our church or have any safeguarding related questions feel free to contact a member of our safeguarding team whose detail can be found in our safeguarding policy.


We require that all of our church members are compliant with level 1 safeguarding training which is conducted annually in our church forum meetings. Level 1 safeguarding is easily achieved by having an awareness of what safeguarding is and knowing who to contact in our church should you have any concerns to report. All of this information can be found in our safeguarding policy, and you can also watch this short video below to achieve your level 1 safeguarding awareness.

If you are a volunteer with any of our children’s, youth or vulnerable adults' ministries we require you also to have completed level 2 safeguarding training which provides more of an awareness of how to manage safeguarding issues when working with children or vulnerable adults. We aim to arrange this annually for all of our volunteers and is normally a 3-hour course hosted at church.  In the meantime, if you would like more information to better equip you in your volunteer role, please take the time to read through the Baptist Union’s ‘Gateway to Level 2’ document which can be found on the link below.

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